© Copyright 2011  |  Hoosier Testing - All Rights Reserved  |  Site Creaed by ToolmanHosting.com Home Page Ladder Testing Ladder Repair Links Contact Us I would like to take the opportunity to introduce my company to you. Hoosier Testing is a local, independently owned, mobile company that performs the NFPA required safety inspection of fire department ground ladders. My technician has over 12 years experience in the NFPA safety test/inspections business and was level II NDT certified under his prior  employment.  He has provided the safety test inspections primarily for area fire departments in the North and South Carolina area as  well as throughout the United States and internationally. Hoosier Testing will come to your site to perform the safety inspections according to the latest NFPA 1932 testing requirements. Along  with the safety test/inspections of your department ground ladders we will provide you with an inspection report detailing the findings  of our inspection for each ground ladder tested. We will also provide, at your request, the required heat sensors and/or safety/hazard  labels.   I would welcome the opportunity to provide our testing services to your department. I am confident you will be pleased with our test. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce our company to you.  We look forward to providing you experienced quality service which is the building block for Hoosier Testing.  If you have any questions, or would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact our senior technician, Tony Salyer, directly at  (803) 524-6310. Home Page